Harmony Area Historical Society

Karst Interpretive Site

Members of the Harmony Area Historical Society purchased a sinkhole, located near the Harmony-Preston Bike Trail. The group hopes to use the sinkhole as an educational tool for both local residents and visitors to the area. The sinkhole is a good example of the unique geological make-up of southeastern Minnesota.

Three drainage holes are featured as a point of interest with a viewing deck located above them. There are also several educational signs located throughout the sinkhole, explaining the geology of the sinkhole, how it was formed and why it is important to protect sinkholes and keep them clean.

Karst geological areas are rare, with one of about four being located here in southeastern Minnesota. Other areas of similar geology are located in Missouri, Florida and Kentucky.

In a karst geological area, the limestone is very close to the surface, and heavy rain and moisture can cause the limestone to collapse, making a sinkhole.

The Historical Society purchased the land, developed the site and interpretive signage. Once the project was completed, the site was donated to the Minnesota DNR who maintains the site which is part of the Harmony - Preston Valley State Trail. The site is 0.6 miles from the Harmony Tourism Center on the trail. 


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